Getting the design of a fire alarm system right is vital in ensuring the system provides the appropriate level of cover, whether it be a small office building or a multi-site network of systems, RayFire Services are highly experienced on this front and can provide designs for any size or type of system.

Before starting, the RayFire designer will need to ensure that certain information is available. This may be given in the specification or it may have to be obtained by consultation. As well as the purchaser, there may be a requirement to consult with other interested parties


  • The type of system required i.e. L1, L2, L3 etc and where appropriate, parts of the premises to be covered.
  • The action to be taken in the event of fire
  • Whether other occupants of a multi-occupancy building will be affected
  • Whether other work is to be done at the same time. If so then consultation with other contractors may be required.
  • A method of calling the Fire Brigade
  • Whether the type of occupants or activity in the building will require a greater provision of Manual Call Points than normal
  • A likely attendance time of the Fire Brigade

RayFire will liaise with interested parties throughout the Design, Installation, and Commissioning of each job to ensure the fundamentals of the agreed design are followed through until the handover to the Customer.